2013 年 9 月 24 日 by 山平



~$ heroku –help
Usage: heroku COMMAND [–app APP] [command-specific-options]

Primary help topics, type “heroku help TOPIC” for more details:

addons    #  manage addon resources
apps      #  manage apps (create, destroy)
auth      #  authentication (login, logout)
config    #  manage app config vars
domains   #  manage custom domains
logs      #  display logs for an app
ps        #  manage processes (dynos, workers)
releases  #  manage app releases
run       #  run one-off commands (console, rake)
sharing   #  manage collaborators on an app

Additional topics:

account      #  manage heroku account options
certs        #  manage ssl endpoints for an app
db           #  manage the database for an app
drains       #  display syslog drains for an app
fork         #  clone an existing app
git          #  manage git for apps
help         #  list commands and display help
keys         #  manage authentication keys
labs         #  manage optional features
maintenance  #  manage maintenance mode for an app
pg           #  manage heroku-postgresql databases
pgbackups    #  manage backups of heroku postgresql databases
plugins      #  manage plugins to the heroku gem
regions      #  list available regions
stack        #  manage the stack for an app
status       #  check status of heroku platform
update       #  update the heroku client
version      #  display version


いきなりherokuのクイックスタートで使った「heroku create」と「heroku open」が見当たりません。。

  • Primary help topics, type “heroku help TOPIC” for more details:


~$ heroku help create
Alias: create redirects to apps:create
Usage: heroku apps:create [NAME]

create a new app

–addons ADDONS        # a comma-delimited list of addons to install
-b, –buildpack BUILDPACK  # a buildpack url to use for this app
-n, –no-remote            # don’t create a git remote
-r, –remote REMOTE        # the git remote to create, default “heroku”
-s, –stack STACK          # the stack on which to create the app
–region REGION        # specify region for this app to run in


$ heroku apps:create
Creating floating-dragon-42… done, stack is cedar
http://floating-dragon-42.heroku.com/ | git@heroku.com:floating-dragon-42.git

$ heroku apps:create -s bamboo
Creating floating-dragon-42… done, stack is bamboo-mri-1.9.2
http://floating-dragon-42.herokuapp.com/ | git@heroku.com:floating-dragon-42.git

# specify a name
$ heroku apps:create example
Creating example… done, stack is cedar
http://example.heroku.com/ | git@heroku.com:example.git

# create a staging app
$ heroku apps:create example-staging –remote staging

# create an app in the eu region
$ heroku apps:create –region eu


「heroku create」って「heroku apps:create」のエイリアスなんだそうです。
同様に「heroku open」もエイリアスだそうです。

~$ heroku help open
Alias: open redirects to apps:open
Usage: heroku apps:open

open the app in a web browser


$ heroku apps:open
Opening example… done